The Kuehn Family

These little babes are soooo cute, and did pretty good I must say at braving the cold today! ????  “Your greatest contribution to the kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise.” -Andy Stanley

Nicole & Billy – Minneapolis Wedding

What’s more exciting for a photographer than a new location to shoot at? …..nothing. 🙂 Well maybe a couple things rank up there.  How about an amazing group of friends that treat each other like family, or awesome weather, or how about an unbelievably gorgeous and unique wedding dress… ya know, this list could go on and on. I’ll let you take a look for yourself below. ???????? But, seriously… that dress though!

Winter Wonderland

We booked the session, got really excited for some end of the fall season colors and grasses, and then woke up to LOTS of snow.  Instead of sporting some upside-down smiles, we embraced it – and I’m so glad we did!!!  Thanks Brit, Quinn and girls for being up for anything! 🙂

Sarah + Erik | Eau Claire, WI Wedding

Sarah & Erik’s wedding day made my heart and soul smile! I don’t know how else to describe it. I have written, erased, written and erased, again and again… there are really no words to describe how deep the love is between these two. If you know Sarah and Erik, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Here is a little peek into the magic of the day. 🙂


Beach and a Bridge on a Back Country Road | Spindler Family Session

After a cool and cloudy day, the sun decided to peek out just in time for this fun family session!  We had a perfect afternoon running in the warm sand, throwing rocks in the river, and snuggling up for some adorable photos!  Beau and Austyn Rose were on point with their poses as always (I’m pretty sure they should sign up for a Gap casting call), and although Stetson is usually Mr. Serious, we were even able to squeeze a few smiles out of him! 🙂

The kids thought it would be really awesome if Mom & Dad took their photo in the water … (did I forget to mention that “Mom & Dad” are also model worthy???)


Toonen Family | Eau Claire, Wisconsin

These 3 (and a half) showed up to my home right after finding out that her little bump was indeed a BOY!!  While no one at the time could find out, they let me in on the secret so we could take some super cute blue propped photos!

Not long after, I found myself giddy with joy when I received Danielle’s text wanting to setup another photoshoot!  Cody is so precious, and was by far the best little newborn I’ve ever had the opportunity to photograph.  He slept when we needed him to (for the most part), and opened his eyes when we wanted him awake.  And as always, Carter was quite the little charmer, and such a good Big Brother! 🙂

Abby + Ben | Eau Claire Wedding

With beautiful blue skies and the perfect amount of snow, Ben & Abby’s wedding day was a success!  It may have started a little hectic with the snow we got the night before, but it made for some amazing pictures and luckily wasn’t enough to keep guests from witnessing the romance. Abby was a beautiful Princess Bride and Ben her Phantom!  A storybook love, straight out of Broadway!

Prohovnik Family

I just have to start by saying that I absolutely LOVE this family.  They have been coming to me since Jocelyn was pregnant with little girl #1!  It is so much fun to watch a family grow, and it is even more fun to be the one capturing those special moments along the way.  As always, the girls show up smiling and adorable as buttons.  We ran around, escaped from frogs and watched ducks … oh, and I guess there was a little picture taking in there too! 🙂

Jeremiah, Kristy + Aiden

Talk about an amazing family! Not only are they super cute on the outside, but they are genuinely sweet people on the inside. I met them at a wedding, Kristy and I then decided we needed to work together. It went so well she scheduled more for when her family would be in town again! With a trailer packed full behind their SUV, they made a pit stop at the park for some photos before being on their way to Virginia. Can’t wait for them to come back for more (this time as a family of FOUR)!


From the Gander Mountain roundabout to the slightly dangerous, slippery rocks under Phoenix Bridge – we ROCKED this session! While the locations didn’t seem to be extravagant, my model certainly was. Lysia is not only a natural when it comes to being in front of the camera, but she has an amazing spunky personality that shines through the photos as well. We jammed out to Blurred Lines and basically just took some awesome shots … Oh yeah, and did I mention we had a paint party?!

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