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Amanda + Brian

I’ve always been in love with the thought of being in love.  I was the typical little girl who dreams Prince Charming is going to come along and carry her off into the sunset, and then, yes, live Happily Ever After.  Unfortunately, this thing called “life” usually smacks us in the face and forces us to realize it isn’t quite that easy.  I ended up finding my imperfectly perfect person, and we suit each other just perfectly.  I am still deep inside – well let’s face it, it is right on the surface – a hopeless romantic. 

However with Amanda & Brian, real life somehow has managed to not break through their barrier.  They continue to surprise me with the way they love each other through crazy little goodness and large emotion.  I often find myself staring in awe.  From meaningful tattoos, surprise treats at work, and puke worthy adorable notes on FB, the two are simply put – perfect for each other.  And it makes me (and I’m sure many other romantics out there) jealous every day!

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