Tali + Garrick

I’ve known Tali AND Garrick for a long time, but not as a couple.  I went to high school with Tali and have always looked up to her.  She is sweet and smart, but what really fascinated me is her ability to dance!  I LOVE to dance, however my idea of dancing is a disgusting version of the MC Hammer, The Sprinkler, and just general flailing around.  Tali – not so much.  She is poised, filled with grace and other fairy like features.  Garrick is part of a family that I used to spend a lot of time with.  He was like a little brother.  Also just as sweet, Garrick is a perfect fit for Tali.  They actually met at a wedding (what a perfect location)!  They share a love for football and each other; and I’m pretty sure, knew immediately they were meant to be!  The engagement went (somewhat) as planned.  Although Tali’s hand was hurting, and she was slightly grumpy because of it, her morning was quickly turned around when Garrick surprised her with the ring! 

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