Meet Us

We are the team behind Kara and Co. One of us is the technician, one of us is the heart behind our brand. Both of us are silly, and both of us are excited to celebrate with you.  While we may call one another our ‘Work Spouse,’ we do, in fact, each have families of our own…not together! Read more about each of us here, but don’t be shy to contact us, and get to know us in real life!

photographer, owner, and heart behind the brand

Kara is a stay-at-home mommy of two awesome boys. She is married to a full time soldier who keeps her heart thumping and her smile laughing.  Kara LOVES: little everyday surprises, learning useless facts, morning coffee on the deck, literally every music genre and decade, singing out loud, cooking new recipes, dancing 80’s style, baseball, diy projects, visiting wineries, and ALL things romantic!


photographer and technician

When he isn’t taking pictures Arnie spends his days as the owner/administrator of his other passion, Milestones Early Educational Community, a child care center located in Menomonie. He is married and he and his wife just had their second little girl!  In Arnie’s free time he enjoys: watching and playing sports, riding his Harley, listening to comedians, watching  The History channel reality shows, visiting wineries, trying new beers, and traveling.


We both love photography, the color blue, and 90’s music, but are a few things that make us each a unique part of this Kara & Co. photography duo!

Kara VS. Arnie

Mint Condition Mocha | Mt Dew
Spontaneous | Calculated
Skittles | M&M’s
Baseball | Football
Early Bird | Night Owl
Biscuits & Gravy | Pancakes
Winter | Fall
Mint Chocolate Chip | Vanilla with Hershey’s Syrup
Express | Best Buy
Oldest Sibling | Youngest Sibling
Extrovert | Introvert

We want to know your favorites! Be sure to reach out to us today!

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