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Internet, meet Brit & Quinn.

These two are sooooo adorable together. He cooks for her, she snuggles him. He is everything she’s ever wanted and she makes him feel whole.  After a life with lots of girls in the house, they are welcoming their first boy. A change a pace might be …fun??? Having boys myself, I know what they’re in for. 😉

I met Brittany many years ago when my oldest boy was in her care as a lil baby! ❤️ We instantly became friends. We knew this was a friendship that could withstand miles close or far apart and have been there for each other in the hardest moments. I have watched Quinn and Brit grow closer together, have a baby girl, plan most beautiful wedding with vows that made me ugly cry, and now I am blessed to capture some memories of their second little baby in her belly.

❤️❤️ be still my heart!!!

View more photos HERE ❤️

Punta Cana Wedding | Jade & Brandon

Beach wedding??? In the middle of Wisconsin’s snow-pocalypse 2019???

Yes. Please. ☺️

Wayne and I were extremely honored to be apart of Jade and Brandon’s wedding day.  Not only was the weather, location, attire, and colors beautiful, but so were the hearts of all those in attendance! Thank you for choosing us to capture your day!!! ❤️

Because our time in the Dominican was longer than just the wedding day, we were able to take a couple cute shots of their candlelit dinner on the beach the day after. 😍


Koreen & Nate | Cadott, WI Wedding

It takes a special couple to talk me into being Maid of Honor AND wedding photographer! 😉 Anything for you little sis!

Aubrey & Shawn | Engagement

When your family member has a yard like this… you MUST use it for photos! ❤️

Jade & Brandon | Wisconsin Engagement

In a few short months, these two will be bringing me along to a destination wedding!!! For now, we used a gorgeous location right here in Wisconsin for their engagement. Eeek! 😊❤️

Marisa & Carter | Engagement

Lake Wissota State Park is one of my favorite spots for photos… My recent session with these two lovebirds is a reason why! 🙂

Brooke & Ryan | Chippewa Falls, WI

Jamie & Brad | Chippewa Falls, WI Wedding

Jamie and Brad were introduced to me through some close friends. Not long after, Jamie called me up and asked if I would photograph her wedding. Eeek! I was so excited! With only close family and a couple friends witnessing, these two tied the knot in the beauty of their own backyard. Then danced the night away, and for the first time in a long time, I put the camera down for that part and danced with ’em!

Kristen & Mike | Minneapolis, MN Wedding

From the moment Kristen and Mike walked into the little coffee shop to meet with me, I knew this was going to be a good fit.  Not only are they unbelievably adorable together, but they reminded me A LOT of me and my husband.  She is full of spunk and easy to talk to.  He is “old and grumpy” (these are Mike’s words, not mine ☺️ I would have used … quiet…? haha).  As we got to know each other I learned we shared a love for Harley’s and beautiful timeless candid photography.  The day was so relaxed and full of the love from a few friends and family.

Since I love telling random stories that are sometimes important (and usually not),  here are a few tidbits from the day:

1. The hotel where the ceremony and reception were was not only GORGEOUS, but obviously an amazing pick because the Boston Red Sox were staying there the same day.  My hubs wasn’t nearly as excited as me, but I thought it was SUPER cool.

2. The groom went above and beyond and surprised his new bride with a handmade flower sculpture made from motorcycle parts! ….no, seriously! It was amazing and I still insist he needs to start selling them on Etsy.

3. When I arrived to the parking ramp for the wedding, I was dead set that I would get lost.  I am used to an Eau Claire Parking ramp where you literally just going in a circle, this one had multiple ways you could turn and different paths in all directions.  So at the end of the night as Arnie and I were walking out to our vehicles and I was pretty sure it would take us an hour to find our vehicles.  Well not only did we find them quickly and easily, but as we were walking up to mine Arnie says “Uh, I think that’s my truck right next to you!” Yep, arrived hours apart, went in crazy directions and circles, only to still park right next to each other.  I had to take a photo to prove even in that madness, we still work great together!! ???? (also, sorry, that was a great example of my stories not being important, haha).

+1 makes 5

I am just so in love with these girls.  You all (going to try and keep my ya’ll’s to a minimum ???? since I have that bad habit!) anyway… YOU ALL know by now I have two BOYS, they are full of wild, screaming, wrestling, jumping off my railings onto the furniture, craziness! Joc (the adorable momma in these pics, in case you don’t know her), tells me her girls are pretty wild too.  GOOD! They will fit right in when I steal them.  Seriously, dying over their cuteness.

*Ok, since this is the internet I am going to make a note that I won’t actually steal them …. but I totally want to.

So… back story of this photoshoot… I am blessed to have been able to capture the memories of this family since they were pregnant with babes #1.  Now babes #3 is in the tum-tum, Joc mentions she wants a few black & white images for one spot in particular in her house.  I went searching for the perfect white wall to bounce their adorableness off of. It was a really sketchy location but (and I quote) “I trust you Kara” … (slight inside squeal) ???????????? yayy!!!!

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