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Punta Cana Wedding | Jade & Brandon

Beach wedding??? In the middle of Wisconsin’s snow-pocalypse 2019???

Yes. Please. ☺️

Wayne and I were extremely honored to be apart of Jade and Brandon’s wedding day.  Not only was the weather, location, attire, and colors beautiful, but so were the hearts of all those in attendance! Thank you for choosing us to capture your day!!! ❤️

Because our time in the Dominican was longer than just the wedding day, we were able to take a couple cute shots of their candlelit dinner on the beach the day after. 😍


Jade & Brandon | Wisconsin Engagement

In a few short months, these two will be bringing me along to a destination wedding!!! For now, we used a gorgeous location right here in Wisconsin for their engagement. Eeek! 😊❤️

Marisa & Carter | Engagement

Lake Wissota State Park is one of my favorite spots for photos… My recent session with these two lovebirds is a reason why! 🙂

Jamie & Brad | Chippewa Falls, WI Wedding

Jamie and Brad were introduced to me through some close friends. Not long after, Jamie called me up and asked if I would photograph her wedding. Eeek! I was so excited! With only close family and a couple friends witnessing, these two tied the knot in the beauty of their own backyard. Then danced the night away, and for the first time in a long time, I put the camera down for that part and danced with ’em!

Nicole & Billy – Minneapolis Wedding

What’s more exciting for a photographer than a new location to shoot at? …..nothing. 🙂 Well maybe a couple things rank up there.  How about an amazing group of friends that treat each other like family, or awesome weather, or how about an unbelievably gorgeous and unique wedding dress… ya know, this list could go on and on. I’ll let you take a look for yourself below. ???????? But, seriously… that dress though!

Tali + Garrick

I’ve known Tali AND Garrick for a long time, but not as a couple.  I went to high school with Tali and have always looked up to her.  She is sweet and smart, but what really fascinated me is her ability to dance!  I LOVE to dance, however my idea of dancing is a disgusting version of the MC Hammer, The Sprinkler, and just general flailing around.  Tali – not so much.  She is poised, filled with grace and other fairy like features.  Garrick is part of a family that I used to spend a lot of time with.  He was like a little brother.  Also just as sweet, Garrick is a perfect fit for Tali.  They actually met at a wedding (what a perfect location)!  They share a love for football and each other; and I’m pretty sure, knew immediately they were meant to be!  The engagement went (somewhat) as planned.  Although Tali’s hand was hurting, and she was slightly grumpy because of it, her morning was quickly turned around when Garrick surprised her with the ring! 

Tarin + Dave

A few years ago, I started a journey that would bring me into something so magical I would have never dreamed it. The first time I photographed a wedding.  It wasn’t like the abstract work that had been my previous passion where I only dealt with stationary objects.  It also wasn’t even a little bit similar to the few portrait sessions I had under my belt.  No, a wedding day was a whole new experience.  After all, this wasn’t something you could look at the pictures later and decide you wanted a do-over.  This HAD to be perfect the first time.  It is a big risk hiring a photographer for your wedding day.  You are trusting that not only will they show up (literally and figuratively), but also that you are going to love them still after 10+ hours, and you have to trust that their photos are going to rock, since it is the only memory you will have to remember the day.

Tarin & Dave did just that – trusted me.  And what came from their complete trust was something amazing.  A wedding day is a rush, from start to finish.  Even when you do have the little bit of downtime, you are still thinking and moving to the next magical moment that is about to occur.  Photography has always spoken to me, but photographing a wedding – that is my calling. For someone who loves love as much as I do, there is really no explanation to how a wedding day can make you feel.   (…cue the Kleenex…)  Luckily, I have a camera over my eyes all day… Dad wiping a tear as he hands his little girl over gets me every time. 

The Diehl’s wedding day was no different from every wedding I have photographed since, but it is more special because it was my first.  They are the reason I fell in love with weddings.  They showed me for the first time a real life job where I could witness pure joy, raw emotion, and intense love like never seen before.  Now that I am a mom, the only thing that tops a wedding day, is the birth of a child, but that’s a completely different kind of love and a completely different kind of blog post!

Vicky + Robbie

This session was by far my coldest photoshoot ever with a balmy temp of -16o. You know, after two hours out in it, you don’t even notice the cold anymore. 🙂 You might think we would want to quickly get these done or re-schedule, not these two! Vicky & Robbie were ready for anything, cold weather and all! I don’t mind crazy weather conditions at all. In fact, I am a weird one that actually enjoys the winter and the cold. Unless little kids are involved, I won’t reschedule. So I was really excited when this shoot decided to stay on! With a stroke of genius, Robbie brought a pop-up ice shack with a portable heater so they had somewhere comfortable to change. As for Vicky, all she needed to bring was that pretty face!

Amanda + Brian

I’ve always been in love with the thought of being in love.  I was the typical little girl who dreams Prince Charming is going to come along and carry her off into the sunset, and then, yes, live Happily Ever After.  Unfortunately, this thing called “life” usually smacks us in the face and forces us to realize it isn’t quite that easy.  I ended up finding my imperfectly perfect person, and we suit each other just perfectly.  I am still deep inside – well let’s face it, it is right on the surface – a hopeless romantic. 

However with Amanda & Brian, real life somehow has managed to not break through their barrier.  They continue to surprise me with the way they love each other through crazy little goodness and large emotion.  I often find myself staring in awe.  From meaningful tattoos, surprise treats at work, and puke worthy adorable notes on FB, the two are simply put – perfect for each other.  And it makes me (and I’m sure many other romantics out there) jealous every day!

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